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What is the Method to Recover Lost, Deleted or Unsaved Documents in MS Word?

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If the user has made a very important document in MS Word, but it is lost due to system crash, accidental deletion, or if you by mistake close MS Word without saving that file. So, in this blog you will read how you can recover lost, deleted or unsaved document in word. But if you find difficulties in recovering that file, then you can contact Microsoft team via

Method To Recover Lost, Deleted or Unsaved Documents in MS Word:

1. Recover Lost Word documents from AutoRecover file location:

First, you have to open any word document on Microsoft word. Then, you should click on the File tab and after this, just select Options from the left column. Now, you have to click on Save option which is present on the left side and then locate AutoRecover file location. Here, you should copy the file path. At this point, you have to open File Explorer and then just paste the path in the address field. Now, you will view the list of documents with an extension (.asd). Then, you have to locate the Word document which has the latest date/time and then copy the file. In Microsoft Word, you should visit to File option and then click on Open and then choose Recover Unsaved Document. Here, you should paste the ASD file and then click on Open. At last, you should select File and then click on Save As option. You can save the Word document on any location.

2. Recover Word Files from Unsaved Folder:

First, you should click on the File tab and then select Open option from the left column. Now, you should click on Recent option from the list. After this, you should click on Recover Unsaved Documents. Then from the list of unsaved files, you should select the word document which you want and then click on Open. Here from the File tab, you should click on Save As option and then select Browse option. At the end, you should browse for a location and then click on Save option to recover the file.

3. Recover Deleted Word document from Recycle Bin:

You should open Recycle Bin and then locate the deleted file. After this, you should right-click on the file and then select Restore from the popup. Now, you should go back to the original folder just to find the restored Word document.

4. Recover Permanently Deleted Word Document:

You should download and install the Remo File Recovery Tool on your computer system. Then in the main screen, you should click on Recover Files tab. After this, you should select drive from which you want to recover your word document and then click on Scan option. When the scanning process finished, then the recovered data will appear in Data View and File Type View. Here, you should Browse between two tabs just to find your recovered Word document. At the end, you should click on Save option and then you have to browse for a location just to save the recovered word file.

The above method will help you to recover lost, deleted or Unsaved Documents in MS Word. For more information about MS Word application, you should visit to the official site of MS Office via Www.Office.Com/Setup.

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