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Mischievous toddler covers herself in sudocrem

por Arianne Richter (2020-12-19)

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A cheeky toddler who was left on her own for less than five minutes decided to copy her favourite TV character Mr Tumble's artistic endeavours and decorated the living room carpet  with a tub of Sudocrem. 

Crazee Cardy, 21,  from Messingham, Lincolnshire, had only turned her back briefly to wash the dishes but that was all it took for her mischievous daughter Bleu-Lilly Re to get her hands on a tub.

The 18-month-old had been watching TV and decided to copy Cbeebies character Mr Tumble - played by comedian Justin Fletcher - when he started painting a picture.

Crazee Cardy, 21, had only turned her back briefly to wash the dishes but that was all it took for her cheeky daughter Bleu-Lilly Re to get her hands on a tub of Sudocrem

The mum was left on her hands and knees scrubbing furiously after her toddler got creative with a tub of Sudocrem and decided to decorate the living room carpet (pictured) 

Unfortunately for Crazee, Bleu-Lilly's paint was the antiseptic cream and her canvas was the living room carpet of the rented property the family had only just moved into.

Stay-at-home mum Crazee said: 'The sudocrem was actually on the bookshelf, it's not too high but high enough so she couldn't reach -  or so I thought!


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'She was watching a Mr Tumble episode where he's painting a picture and gets paint all over his hands so wipes them on paper to clean them and creates a picture like that.

'I was washing the dishes for a maximum of five minutes and thought she'd been way too quiet for my liking so I came back in to find herself and the carpet covered in Sudocrem.

Crazee Cardy is pictured with Bleu-Lilly Re who is being held by her dad Oliver Re as the family sport matching pyjamas

Little Bleu-Lilly was copy ac character she saw on TV and managed to destroy her parents carpet in the meantime

'I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, she was covered in it! 

'I took a photo to show the grandparents and her dad - they all found it highly amusing, but I suppose I would've too if I didn't have to clean it!

'I've been scrubbing with hot soapy water but it's not shifting.

Bleu-Lilly did try to help me too - she grabbed a packet of baby wipes, pulled loads out and was wiping the floor.

'She was laughing and saying "oooh" and "dirty" when I first saw what she had done. 

Bleu-Lilly Re with dad Oliver Re. The 18 month old toddler had been watching TV that Monday morning  and decided to copy one of her favourite characters, Mr Tumble, when he started painting a picture.

Cleaner times!

When you adored this article and you would like to be given details about garages ( kindly go to the site. Bleu-Lilly Re is pictured on a her clean carpet before her sudocrem experiment

'Later on, when her daddy came home, she pointed at it and said "who done that"!

'I was thinking of binning the carpet and the child but I don't think that's acceptable! 

'In all seriousness, I'm going to keep going and if worst comes to worst, we will have to replace the carpet.'

After cleaning up her naughty toddler on November 30 Crazee turned to Facebook for helpful tips on rescuing the carpet of their rented property.

However, Bleu-Lilly's reign of terror was far from over as she went on to break open a Christmas decoration, scattering fake snow over the already ruined carpet.

'You honestly couldn't write it - she's a little monkey!

'She's got a face full of mischief and a personality to match, that's for sure.

'I daren't do elf on the shelf now - I don't think she needs encouraging any more,' Crazee said. 


The little girl shows off her mischievous grin as she poses on the stairs at her parent's rented house 


Despite hours of scrubbing the carpet was left stained. The family had only been living in the rented property a month 

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