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Self-employed workers lodge 27,000 Covid claims an hour

por Wanda Stovall (2021-04-15)

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Desperate self-employed workers lodged more than 27,000 claims an hour for income support after the latest Covid-19 bailout was launched.

While millions of furloughed employees have claimed wage subsidies, the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme - which had been promised for June - opened at 8am yesterday. If you have any inquiries about where and how to use we know how difficult it is to keep a home in order, you can make contact with us at our own web site.  

By midday HM Revenue & Customs chief executive Jim Harra said 110,000 people had submitted claims worth £340million, or £3,090 on average.

While millions of furloughed employees have already claimed wage subsidies since April 20, similar support for the self-employed only became available yesterday

He estimated around 3.5m self-employed people may be eligible, and that all of them have been contacted over the past week.

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Workers can claim up to 80 per cent of monthly income, up to £2,500 but because the self-employed have had to wait longer for support, many will receive bigger backdated payments.

Payments should be made within six working days. 

The process got under way after chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the separate Job Retention Scheme for furloughed employees will be extended to October. 

That scheme is paying the wages of 7.5m employees at a cost of £10billion so far.

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