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Resumen biográfico iStock ImageEverything You Need to Know About Choosing Ladies Kickboxing Mitts Kickboxing - behind the scenes It is unclear where the sport of kick-boxing originated, however it is believed that it was created by someone in Thailand who borrowed and after that fine-tuned a number of techniques and motions from other martial arts learned in the encircling countries of Laos, Myanmar plus Cambodia. For a long time this mysterious contact sport was unknown to the west until the 1960's when American soldiers stationed in Japan were released to a form of kickboxing which they consequently adapted into the competition sport which you see today. Originally only used by men, a female only kickboxing league has only recently cracked onto the scene boasting its own set of rules and champions; even though it's still having a hard time obtaining its feet on the international phase. About kickboxing equipment Unlike first 'Muay Thai' kickboxing in which fighters have almost no padded protection except for long lengths of material covered around their fists, western design kickboxing uses a wide variety of gloves, head-gear and knee and elbow parts. Though having said that you'll find that most beginner and professional matches only require practitioners to wear basic gloves and a padded helmet; shin and elbow parts are excluded as there are guidelines in place limiting each fighter's capability to use certain knee, shin or elbow strikes to protect against severe injury. Ladies kickboxing gloves One question that most beginners wonder is exactly what difference there is between ladies kickboxing gloves and men's boxing baseball glove. Basically the answer lies in the overall size and weight of the gloves; because females tend to have thinner wrists/forearms in addition to more petite hands; so a variety of specially designed girls boxing gloves have already been developed to give a tighter much more comfortable fit. Now that's out of the way, the next common question asked is usually with regards to the difference between regular boxing mitts and kickboxing gloves? In general there is certainly actually very little difference and the options are left up to each persons design or comfort preferences. Fighters peruse a range of different glove designs which usually fit into the categories of training mitts, sparring gloves and fight gloves. The most important consideration when purchasing a new pair of ladies kickboxing gloves is usually which company they are made from; generally a larger label will provide better quality, a good match and longer lasting durability. To give you a better idea of the various options available to you listed below are two of the more popular ladies kickboxing gloves; perfect for beginners and enthusiasts: If you liked this posting and you also would like to obtain more information concerning Kickboxing pads kindly check out our web site.