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Resumen biográfico five Ways to Enjoy Virtual Reality Technology is probably one of the best creations human beings have got ever made. Not only is technologies able to connect people but also gives us exposure to sights, sounds, plus feelings that we haven't experienced within our lifetimes. With Virtual Reality, technologies now allows us to experience a close to life environment in an imaginary setting. As per Wikipedia, Virtual reality (VR) typically describes computer technologies that use virtual reality headsets to generate the realistic images, noises and other sensations that replicate a true environment or create an fictional setting. Though VR is still fairly new to the public, there are already a lot of different ways to enjoy VR. Here are some from the virtual settings and activities that you can experience: 1 . Flying Ever desired flying? Well, here's your chance to experience how it feels like. Making use of VR glasses, you will be able to take flight. VR glasses presents to people a very realistic image or video that helps wearers build the momentum and excitement for the whole experience. Aside from that, if you want to experience flying, you may try this fresh invention made by the researchers of Zurich University's Interaction Design Program called Birdly. Birdly is a Virtuelle realität console that allows a person to lay on a padded, cross- shaped equipment and gives people the sensation of flying over buildings or across nation sides. 2 . Swimming In other situations, a VR headset will also allow you to experience swimming. But it's greater than that. It will also let you feel what it's like to be swimming under oceans with dozens of fish, sharks, and whales swimming around you. You will definitely feel like being underwater because you will be able to see and hear the beauty and sou Here is my web blog - Singapore VR production company